In a world with copycats and counterfeit,
you cant be really sure that your food is not tampered with or your products are illegal.
Our service takes care of that problem.

What we do

After agreement and some installation you as manufacturer puts ItsMyProduct tags on each package you deliver.
By doing that the single package is traceable wherever it goes.

Distribution chain

As IMP supports batches, each stop in distribution line can logg each step.

At store

In store you as storemanager feels confident that your products are genuine and safe.


As customer can just scan, sms or email the code on the package, traceability and the whole chain of distribution is transparent from start to finish. Store and manufacturer gets the ability to target your needs, if you allow it. Copycats are detected immidiately and therefore the whole point with counterfeit goes away. As the inside of the package cant be exchanged without breaking the seal, you know that you really drink coffe.
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IMP works with encryption, blockchain and global distributed cloud which makes an outstanding service.